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Experienced, dedicated and customer-oriented Stock Transfer Agent

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Transfer Online Solo

Stock transfer management powered by you!

Full Service

We are a full service stock transfer agent.

Management of Shares

We manage both physical and online shares.

Security and Safety

We pride ourselves on secure and safe management.

Online Transfer Service

We are an online provider of stock transfer services.

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who we are:

We are an online stock transfer agent, financial services provider, and consulting firm, with expertise in traditional services as well as integration of new technologies.

Our Vision is to create a new model for recordkeeping that meets the needs of growing companies. We can handle any technology challenge, and provide flexible solutions tailored to meet customer needs.

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You rely on your Shareholders support. But you don't have to rely on someone else to manage their shares for you. Whether you are a new venture taking advantage of crowdfunding, or a traditional company wishing to act as your own share transfer agent, you'll need a professional, low-cost and secure transfer management tool that you can control. This is it.
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Our Services

We provide a full-service stock transfer agent service:

New Stock Issuing

New stock issuances and stock transfers

Shareholder Maintenance

Maintenance of shareholder registration

Digital Record Storage

Full digital storage of transaction records

Dividend Processing

Dividend processing & distribution

Lost Certificate Replacement

Replacement of lost stock certificates

Corporate Actions

Corporate actions (name change, stock splits, etc.)

We are more than a Stock Transfer Agent. We also offer:

Escrow Service

Escrow Service

Financial New Distribution

Financial News Distribution Center


EDGAR & XBRL filing

Proxy & Mailing

Proxy & mailing services

Interactive Stock Trading

Interactive stock trading board

Integrated Technology

Integrated technology solutions

questions & answers

What is a Stock Transfer Agent?

A stock transfer agent works on behalf of a company. They keep a record of every outstanding stock certificate and the name of the person to whom it is registered. When stock is transferred from one person or entity to another, the transfer agent performs the transaction and records it.

What is a Stock Transfer?

A stock transfer is when you transfer a share certificate from one person, company or entity to another person, company or entity or, when you transfer a certificate from being restricted to non-restricted. A Shareholder may wish to transfer stock if they are a Custodian passing them on to an individual, due to death, in a private sale, as a gift or because the share certificate has been lost.

What is a Stock Transfer?

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